An International Teacher… Off to Another Adventure!


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Hey! My name is Rachel.  I have been teaching now for four years and just began my fifth year teaching at an international school in the Domincan Republic.  My teaching story began the same way many do, desperate for a job… Any job!  Some how in the middle of trying to plan a future with my husband, international teaching was recommended to us.  We thought, “Why not!”  After many months of researching hundreds of schools all over the world, we traveled to Waterloo, Iowa along with hundreds of other anxious teachers.  This fair was by far the most stressful experience of my life.  Imagine, “herded cattle”, in business suits, in the dead of a Midwest winter, dripping with a cold desperation sweat.  My husband and I did keep our cool enough to be hired at this fair however.  Torreon, Mexico became our home for the last four years, teaching at a private American school.  The city itself was nothing special, but the people there are some of the most amazing people I will have ever met.  They are the reason we stayed so long in the desert!  

The cool thing about International teaching is that every 2-5 years, most people move on to another adventure.  Teaching at one international school just opens up a door to many more international schools. As we reached what felt like the end of something wonderful in Mexico, we knew it was time to move onto another adventure some where new.  This brings me to my current location in the Dominican Republic.  I teach 6-9th grade math at a private international school.  This blog will be about adventures in teaching, the culture, and most important: traveling!